My dear reader

I was cleaning my email account last month and found this in the outbox from a few years back…oh the memories 🙂 . Is this you right now? Does this remind you of yourself a while ago?

My outbox filled with job applications sent out in about 2 weeks

My outbox filled with job applications sent out in about 2 weeks

After successfully completing and graduating from university….what is expected of you next? You get a job, right? Right! In my effort to do this, one of the things I would do was search the internet for vacancies day after day after day. I would then apply and apply and apply and keep applying for jobs and yet no one called me back or even sent me an email (except for the automatic messages that clearly state ‘do not respond’). I would search the internet for tips and tricks on what to do to make my application stand out. There is soo much information out there and I read keenly and bookmarked alot and headed to the advice as best as I could.

Finally, I got a job 🙂 (this is about 4 years ago) and with time especially from the experience gained as a recruiter, I got to learn more about why our applications do not stand out high enough to elicit a response. And when we do, how do we conduct ourselves in interviews?

The global perspective and best practice that I found were and still are great but what I wished I could get more of was information from other recruiters and applicants in Kenya who have experience in the Kenyan job market. This has been evolving and we now have Career Point Kenya and others offering advice most relevant to us.

My dear reader, this blog is for you and me, who go through this every day and yearn for more information or just enjoy and share our experience with others wether good, funny or even sad.


8 thoughts on “My dear reader

  1. Ummesalmah says:

    Oh I like this! It’ll be quite interesting to see an insight into your job and see how it all works. Your theme works very well and your tagline is short and sweet. I like it so far, can’t wait to see more! Check out my blog if you’d like.

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