5 common mistakes to avoid when sending an application

I have gone through countless applications since I started working. I remember earlier on it was time consuming as I would take time to go through each and every application (I felt bad leaving one unread 🙂 ) but with time, it takes me less than 10 seconds to know whether to continue reading one or not.

So you have seen that job! You are so sure you will get it and you have the right skills, qualifications and experience, but after you have applied and waited for more than 3 months you keep wondering what went wrong.

These are some of the most common mistakes to avoid to give your application a fighting chance.

NB: the names of applicants have been removed to protect the applicants’ identities.

1. Misspelling: Do not send an application with misspelled words. It is surprising how many times applicants do this especially on the subject line.

MisspellingUse spell check or ask a friend to re-read an application for you to check for any errors. Go through the application once more after using the spell check.

2. Sending the application as a forwarded email: Avoid sending an application forwarded from a previous email without editing it. A forwarded email will indicate ‘FW:’ on the subject line. Forwarded applications tell the recruiter that you are not a serious candidate. It shows lack of professional etiquette.

Sending an application as a forwardStart a new email for every application you send.

3. Sending an application to many recipients: You may be applying for many jobs but for each job, take time to send your application to one recipient at a time. I have seen an applicant send an email to over 50 email addresses, I kid you not! See the image below, when I click on ‘Show more’, there are too many addresses for me to share, it’s just unbelievable!

Sending to more than one recepientEven if you are applying for 20 positions and you feel that it is a bit tedious to send, just take your time and send one application for each position, it takes your application a step further. Looking for a job is a job in itself, and the recruiter can tell if you gave the job your best shot!

4. Subject line: You should avoid writing ‘CV’ ‘Updated CV’ ‘My credentials’ ‘Job application’ on the subject line.

Subject lineSometimes recruiters use key words to sort through applications and trust me, ‘CV’ is not one of them. Use the specific job title and reference number (if any) indicated on the job advert as the subject line. You can also indicate the department or position of interest if you are sending your CV to a specific employer. Also, remember not to leave the subject line blank.

Subject line 2.0

5. Attachments: Please do not send all certificates/documents in your possession when sending an application. The next image shows attachments received from some applicants. This even included their ID’s, Driving licenses, statutory documents, among others, things not required at the time.

AttachmentsToo many attachments right?

Only and only do so if and when requested for the relevant certificates by the recruiter. Remember to indicate the title of the document you have attached. This makes it easier for the recruiter to check the relevant documents that they may require.Attachments 2.0

What do you think? Have you done any of these mistakes? I hope this helps you in your next application.

Till next time…Kwaheri!





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