The salary inflator

Kampuni conducted interviews a while back and selected a candidate for the job. He was smart, had the relevant skills and experience, passed the written and panel interviews, looked sharp in a well fitting suit, eloquent……the job was his.

Now came the time to give him an offer. We were sad because he was the best candidate but his current salary was way above the offer we would have given him. So we requested for a payslip to confirm and check any other allowances that he might be getting.

He sent us his payslips. He had lied. LIED! Not a little bit….alot…exaggeratedly. I just could not understand! What else did he lie about? Credibility lost!

tell a lie once....

The difference between his real current salary and the one he stated at the interview was Kshs. 41,000. He increased the figure by 60%

If that wasn’t enough, his expected salary was a whooping Kshs. 101,000 from his current salary. This would be 146% increase from his current salary. When asked if the amount was negotiable, his answer was ‘yes, we can negotiate upwards’. ๐Ÿ˜

We couldn’t believe.ย  We can understand if you round off a figure the nearest thousand, thats ok but telling a lie…wether big or small is a no NO!

Had he not lied… ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I think you know what happened next.

What do we learn from this?


Have you ever been caught in such a lie?



5 thoughts on “The salary inflator

  1. Janet says:

    I think I have ever done this unknowingly, I said I was being paid a certain amount per week (which I had “rounded off” hehe then on the second interview I said another figure. It is suffice to say that I didn’t get that job.

  2. Pineconeshelf says:

    I don’t understand why companies ask for payslips.. Are you trying to pay me for what I’m doing for my company or for what you want me to do for you? What has my current salary got to do with your budget? I have never shared my payslip and I don’t believe anyone should. But that’s just me.

    • Njeri Mbogo says:

      Hi. Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

      Companies ask for your current salary to know whether they are able to ‘afford’ you and give you the best possible offer within their salary range for the position/grade. As much as the company would like to pay for what you have to offer, some simply are not able to.

      The payslip is always a touchy issue, I didn’t understand it at first. If a company asks, it may be because you ‘lied’ like in this case (recruiters can tell) but mostly its because you are the best candidate and may be earning close to or above the ceiling of the salary range.

      Your payslip is then used to try and give you the best possible offer the company can provide. For example, the allowances you get or if you have a loan, the company may offer to buy it and give you a better repayment rate or give you higher benefits.

      The good thing is, its your choice ๐Ÿ™‚ and no one will penalize you for that.

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