Positive Vibes #1

Positive Vibes

Do you feel unhappy just thinking of going to work? Are you doing something boring and repetitive? Is your boss on your neck about this and that? Does that colleague just get on your nerves? Are things not going your way? Well, my dear friends, I’m here to throw some positive vibes your way. Continue reading


How to answer the question ‘What is your current salary’

The salary issue is a sensitive thing, as much as we may have passion in what we do, who wouldn’t mind a little bit more money? Have you ever been asked this question and contemplated whether to say the truth or not? Or maybe inflate the amount just a little bit?

The question seems simple and straight forward right? Well my good people, the answer is the same.

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How to answer the Dreaded Salary Question

Whether it’s a required field on an online application, a requirement on your application, cover letter or face to face in an interview room, the question ‘what are your salary expectations’ works up a sweat! If you bid too low, you may lose thousands but again if you bid too high, you may be eliminating yourself from your dream job. So, what is the best answer?

Employers ask this question to confirm wether you will be within their salary range. It is also good for you too, who would want to go through the whole time consuming interview process just to find out even your current salary is out of a company’s salary range? Not me! Continue reading